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Basketball is played by young people all over the world and is arguably one of the most popular sports among youth. Many young people look up to the athletes they see on television and in the sports arena. The reality is that ninety five percent will never become professional athletes.

Our program strives to prepare youth for life “beyond the hoop” by providing academic tutoring and appreciation for learning through our basketball skill development and academic enrichment program. Through basketball we provide young people with the opportunities to meet and learn from successful people who shared their passion for the game and went on to become successful in their lives off the basketball court. Our coaches are people who have played basketball in high school and at the college level. Today, they are successful accountants, engineers, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers and business people.


Basketball, like other sports, teaches the importance of community, working together, hard work and determination. We stress the importance of striving for excellence and encourage the desire to learn and work hard in all endeavors. At Beyond the Hoop we understand that basketball is just a game, but we feel that for many young people it can provide a path to academic success and responsible citizenship. Part of our overall mission is to expose youth to career and academic opportunities. Living a successful life requires a solid foundation of academics, hard work and commitment. We are committed to helping youth understand that excellence is worth striving for and that hard work is a worthy price to pay for success.